Lower Blind

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The finished lower blind.

I completed construction of the second blind last week, and now with blinds positioned for morning and evening we are ready for prime time!  In fact, we had guests here the past two nights and have about 15 nights already booked for this season.  The most recent guests said staying here “was magical”.

I have worked hard over the last two seasons building blinds, fixing waterlines – the list is long and not interesting, but now I’m excited to be shifting gears and getting back to photography and workshops at the Desert Photo Retreat!

Beginning construction.

This blind is at the edge of the wash with some thick surrounding vegetation that really seems popular with the cardinals and pyrrhuloxia.    By facing towards the Northwest, this blind receives nice light for morning photography – my original blind is best for evening.

Walls going up.

Part way into the construction we decided that the view and wildlife activity off to the side was just as good as out the main windows, so I changed gears and added an addition creating a “L” shaped blind which now will work for morning and evening.  The addition is visible on the right.

More walls.

The main “morning” direction is 12 feet wide, and the “evening side” offers another 8 feet of viewing.

The “morning side” of the new blind.

Here is the finished blind.  I’m standing on a small rise that drops off nicely behind me creating a soft, pleasing background.

The "evening side" of the new Lower Blind.

The “evening side” of the new Lower Blind.

On this side I built an elevated table for feed, water and perches.  This puts the photographer at “ground level” while at the same time being out of reach of javelina.

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  1. Wonderful, Ron. Those are some picturesque saguaro there, too. One suggestion: clip off the ends of those plastic ties so photographers don’t have to heal their photos. 😉

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