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Lupine, Chugach National Forest, Alaska.

Lupine, Chugach National Forest, Alaska.

I found a beautiful field of lupine yesterday  I have said it before, but lupine is an amazing wildflower.  I have seen it in some of the warmest places on earth – Death Valley, and in some of the coldest – Denali National Park.

To get the soft purple glow, I framed this between two other lupine which were very close to the camera and thus completely out of focus.

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  3. Hey Ron,

    The oof lupines add so much to this, really nicely done. And great job with the color, I never seem to get that color right.



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  5. Ron…how are you

    I love your photo.
    Can you tell me if you have used an additional lens ? I have one 10x but my photos aren’t good… I’ m firts times..
    Do you speak french too? it’s better for me to explanations..but I can traslate english thanks to google;))))

    Have a nice day, Stefania

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    Hi Stefania,


    I’m sorry, I wish I did speak French.

    I used a 100mm macro lens for this photo, and that allowed me to get very close to the flower. I think your 10x lens might work fine if it allows you to get really close. There might be a macro setting on your camera that will help with this.

    Thank you very much Stefania.

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