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Wild lynx, Denali National Park, Alaska.

Wild lynx, Denali National Park, Alaska.

This is one of those moments in nature where you think, wow, I wonder what is going to happen next?  I had been sitting on the ground watching this young lynx hunt in the alders for about 20 minutes – I also saw a couple of snowshoe hares make a lucky escape when they saw it coming.  Then, without warning, it turned and began walking right towards me like a curious house cat.  The image above was captured with a 100-400 on a full frame camera.  Gosh, I could have had head shots if I still had my 600 and converter on!

So what happened next?  A vehicle of Park Service employees came around the corner – needless to say they were thrilled to see such a rare animal and when they pulled up and began photographing, the lynx turned around and went back to hunting in the alders.  The group of us were able to watch and photograph this young lynx for another 15 minutes – definitely a thrill!

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  1. Nice one, Ron; I would be thrilled to have that image.
    Were you by any chance at the Savage River bridge next to the ranger checkpoint at mile post #15? A lynx is frequently seen there. In the back of my mind, I’m wondering if you saw Ken that day as he typically works at that ranger checkpoint. But perhaps you were somewhere else.

  2. That’s a great shot! I don’t have wildlife like this in my neck of the woods. Wildlife always has always stirred in me my need to buy very expensive glass!

  3. You and Janine are SO fortunate to experience so much of nature’s beauty…including curious “cats.” Great story. I didn’t realize a young lynx had such large paws.

  4. Hey Ron

    Those feet are as big as its head – amazing! Great shot, Lynx-man. 🙂

    Lynx can be pretty calm around people, if the people are still. They’re pretty curious ..a friend of mine in McCarthy will throw his hat or bandana on the ground, and inevitably the lynx will walk over and start playing with it. Pretty cool to see.



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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    @ Tim I did see Ken and he filled me in on that lynx, but I never did see it. Ken had some good stories. This one was out past Igloo.

    @ Gary This one was in an area where it probably hadn’t encountered too many people. Like Carl mentioned, I think it was just curious.

    @ Eric. I hear you – if it wasn’t for wildlife, my gear list would be much cheaper!

    @ Julie. I agree, we are really fortunate! Unfortunately, Janine wasn’t with me here and missed this sighting. They do have huge feet – those come in handy in the snow.

    @ Carl Thanks Carl! I might have to look for the Mc Carthy lynx on my way to photograph that Skoali wolf. 🙂

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