Marie Osmond

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Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond

I didn’t know Marie Osmond was such a “big” star – she must be 200 feet tall!

According to the newspaper, for some reason, some guest to the Flamingo have requested rooms behind her teeth and eyes.

We are now making the trek to our favorite quiet little desert town of Borrego Springs, California where we will clean things up and store our rig before making the long trek home. Because of this, the blog may be a little quiet the next few days.

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  1. That’s too funny!!! I, myself, am not a big Marie Osmand fan! To each his own. Be careful on the long drive back.Stay safe, as always!

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  3. Have a safe trip Ron. That was a short trip by your standards. Planning on another trip this winter? I’ve been thinking of shooting Slab City way out near Salton Sea. It’s kind of a weird place so let me know if you want to meet up.

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    I think Gary is hiding some deep seated feelings of affection for Marie. 🙂

    Thanks Richard. You are right, this was somewhat of a short trip – we ended up delaying our departure a bit to wrap up a bunch of office work.

    We are going to be back in Borrego for about a month beginning in mid-December – I would like to do some photography around the Salton Sea then myself, so lets stay in touch.

  5. Hey Ron, you gotta go take pics of slab city near the Salton Sea. I told you about it a few months ago. I think only you can bring out the character of the place. Please go soon!!!No offense to Richard Wong. But I told you about it on your post several posts ago. Please go as soon as possible. Just imagine some of the pics you can get out there!!It’s awesome & thought provoking.

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    Hi Beth,

    Funny, I almost said something in the above comment about promising you I would photograph Salton Sea. I will definitely check it out in December or January – it should be interesting!

    Thanks a lot!


  7. Hey, that’s great ,Ron! I know you need some down time,at least a few days!!!LOL! I think your photos of Slab City & the Salton Sea will be awesome. I haven’t seen pics like yours that really bring out the photo into your face. Don’t know how to explain it, but it’s the bomb!!!Carl has that ability also, & it’s a great artistic ability that few have. Thanks for making time to go.I haven’t been there in so long. I’m thinking of moving back to California. I miss it. I’ll be closer to Alaska!! I would love to meet you & Janine. You are very cool folks!!

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    Thank a lot Beth! Now you are putting the pressure on for me to come up with something good from Slab City! 🙂

    The weather and geographic diversity is sure hard to beat in California. It would be great to meet you one day – I’m sure our paths will cross one day soon!



  9. Trust me, go see the show for Donny, Not the Diva Bitch. Sh’e so stuck on herself that no decent man should try to be with her.

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  11. Her son probably killed himself after being introduced to his moms boyfriend someone his age. Pervert BITCH

  12. You guys are saying some very hateful things would hurt Marie if she were to see them I’am a huge fan of Marie’s have been for over 40 years I know her personally I have sat and talk with her many times Marie is the sweetest,most niciest person you will ever meet. She is very friendly Marie loves her fans just as much as we love her. She is one great lady I love her very much . Marie please don’t take what they are saying by heart these
    jerks are just jealious of you sweetheart they can’t handle it because they are not loved as much as you are . so if you jerks can’t say anything good about Marie then don’t say anything at all .

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