Matanuska Glacier

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Matanuska Glacier, Alaska.

Sunrise at the Matanuska Glacier, Alaska.

I have been driving past this beautiful glacier since I was a youngster living with my parents in Copper Center – but, in all these years, I have never taken the extra time to actually drive down to the glacier itself.  We finally changed that last week when we camped next to the front edge of the glacier – in short, what a cool place!  Literally and figuratively of course.  Spent a lot of time hiking around and exploring, this area is really fun, I look forward to returning for more!

Even though I live just a few miles from a beautiful glacier, Exit Glacier, it was nice to be able to explore a place without the rules, signs and roped off areas that you have in a National Park.  Here, you access the Matanuska Glacier via private property, pay your fees and sign a waiver and then can be as smart or stupid as you would like.

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  2. I am SO jealous!!! When we were there it was so overcast you could hardly tell there was a mountain peak behind it 🙂 It was still really pretty though. Like you said there was a variety of visitors there, including those walking all over the glacier with no safety gear. We saw that at Byron Glacier as well. Great shot!

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    @ George We did get lucky – it was totally socked in when we went to bed, and didn’t begin to clear to right around sunrise. I was surprised at the number of people there. I shouldn’t be, that is a nice diversion.

  4. The light on those cliffs is pretty nice Ron. I can only imagine for now waking up to this view. How cold does it get overnight there?

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    @ Lara There is a bridge – you do have to pay, it is on private property, but it is worth it!

    @ Mark Thanks! I don’t know how cold it got, but judging from the fresh ice on the water, it was definitely below freezing.

  6. Hey Ron,

    Depends on which NP you go to .. and visit Wrangell – St. Elias NP, with no entrance fee at all, and be as stupid as you’d like there. 🙂

    Nice shot.



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