McDowell Mountain Regional Park Wildflowers

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McDowell Mountain Regional Park Wildflowers

Wildflowers at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, not far from Phoenix, Arizona.

Petal peepers in the Phoenix area won’t be disappointed in this years wildflowers!  We were here last year – wow, this looks like an entirely different place!  All the green plant life alone is a shocker.  There are a wide variety of flowers colorful flowers to be found, a real treat!

The bright colored flowers in the foreground are Purple Owl’s Clover.  In the mid-ground is a great patch of poppies, unfortunately they closed up before sunset.  You can see the Four Peaks off in the distance, and way off in the distance is a near full moon.

This was another time that a graduated neutral density filter came in handy!

We now have a section of McDowell Mountain Regional Park photos.

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  1. Stunning!! Love this very much. I really admire your patience to wait for the perfect time to capture nature’s best. I really love how the colors blend here. By the way, would like to thank you for your posts of Anza Borrego Desert wildlflowers, we went there Wednesday, and was not disappointed. Your posts inspired us to go there, and we enjoyed it.

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    Thanks Elizabeth!

    Glad you were able to get over there – especially during the week while things were much quieter!

    Looks like you are doing great with the poppies in SD County.



  3. Hey Ron,

    Great blend of color, especially with the top of the frame kinda complimenting the bottom – those warm colors frame the greens really well here.

    You might wanna edit ‘pedal peepers’ to petal peepers. 🙂

    When you coming back north? 2010?



  4. Hey Ron, I didn’t know that you were such an accomplished photographer. I saw a blog on Carls’ site and decided to check yours out, too. What an outstanding photo!! There are so many beautiful colors that blend perfectly with each other!! This pic is totally awesome! Take care.

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    Thanks everyone, I appreciate it.

    I hear you Richard, the long exposure in post sunset light really seems to bring out the colors.

    Fixed the spelling Carl, thanks.

    Good to hear from you Beth!


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  7. Hello, I was wondering if you could let me know what time of year these photos were taken, I am looking for an outdoor area to have my wedding sometime next year so it would be great to know, this is beautiful thank you!!

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    Sarah, this was March 20th. I should add it was a particularly good year for wildflowers – every year isn’t like this, although it would still be a nice area for a wedding.

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