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Brown bear cub, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Brown bear cub, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

So this is huge, exciting news!  Time Magazine is doing a short story on photo tours in the upcoming June 20th issue, and my Alaska Bear and Puffin tour is one of the featured tours – in fact, it is the only North American photo tour mentioned in the article!  You can’t buy that kind of awesome publicity!  Here is a link to at least part of the article:  Time Magazine photo tour story.

All of my photo tours for 2011 are sold out, and although we haven’t put it on our website yet, we only have 3 spots left for the 2012 bear tour.  Last night, we updated our bear tour page with the dates and pricing for 2012 – I wanted to share it here first because I have a feeling that when the 3 and a half million subscribers to Time Magazine read about it on June 20th we just might find 3 people to sign up for the last spots.  It seems like a long ways off, but there is a lot of interest in this amazing tour, and very few openings during what I believe is the perfect timing.

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    Thanks so much!

    Matt – I think you might be right – looking into it.

    Richard I’m glad you did too, it was a great time!

  3. Congratulations, Ron. I’m so tempted but it starts only a few days after I get back from being away for weeks. Hope you keep offering it in future years.

    Be quick and correct a typo before 3.5 million people read it! In the ‘About Ron’ paragraph it should be family’s and not families.

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    Thanks a lot!

    @ Gary Had no idea until a reporter called out of the blue about a month ago with some questions.

    @ Kathleen Thanks for the correction – just fixed it.

  5. This is really great! I have your photo of Keet at Aialik glacier and another of the running puffin in Aialik Bay on my walls here in Wash. I miss both those places and can’t wait to see the Time mag. Congrats!

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    @ Mark – LOL

    @ Molly that is great – Aialik is one of my favorite places!

    Thanks James – really looking forward to it!

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