Moab Jeep Rentals for Photography

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Driving under a giant boulder on the Long Canyon Trail.

Driving under a giant boulder on the Long Canyon Trail.

There are lots of places that will rent Jeeps for the day in Moab. The problem is, their day begins at 8:00, and end by 6:00. This doesn’t correspond with the photographer’s day.

We approaced a number of places about doing an over night rental, but places like Farbee’s were not interested unless you were willing to pay for two days, even though they had a yard full of un-rented jeeps. They would do two half day rentals, but that costs about as much as two days.

There was one exception, the Moab Tour Company. In fact, the Moab Tour Company does all their day rentals for 24 hours. They say it works better for them as it spreads the pick up / drop off work load, and it definitely works better for photographers who want to be out at sunset and sunrise!

Driving on Potash Road, Moab, Utah.

Driving on Potash Road, Moab, Utah.

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    Thanks Laurent – I gotta say, we are having a ton of fun! Doesn’t look like we will make it near Tucson this trip, hopefully soon.

    Thanks Richard!

  2. Ron,just found your blog and subscribed to the daily feed.Awesome pictures.I am new to photography,could you recommend a beginner’s camera($500 max) ? Thanks !

  3. Hey…I can’t wait to show Reilly this picture!! He is going to get a total kick out of it! He still talks about how cool that rock was. BTW…we have had so much snow in the last couple days its absurd!!! Craziest October I can remember!! Enjoy the warmth….

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    Thanks Beth!

    Hey T – I thought this was the trail they drove on. Going under that rock was pretty cool!

    That is pretty wild about all the snow! I hope it lasts.



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    Hi Leo,

    I would recommend the Canon Digital Rebel, they are a little more then what you want to spend, but you can find them for under $600 at B & H Photo – you can get to them by clicking on the ad in my side bar. I have recommended that camera to a number of friends, and so far all have been very happy with it.

    Good luck!


  7. Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the great info, and amazing pictures. I may be taking a trip to Moab, is there anyway in the area that I could rent a camera for a few days?

    Cheers.. J

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