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Colorado River and Red Rock near Moab, Utah

Colorado River and Red Rock near Moab, Utah

We rented a jeep over night to help explore some of the back country. The last two posts were from the evening, this one is from the next morning, about a half hour before sunrise.

I have some tips that can save a photographer some time and money when it comes to renting a jeep in Moab – I hope to share those in the next day or two.

Here are more Moab, Utah photos.

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  1. That is just beautiful. I also love this area, since we used to see a lot of it when I grew up in California. It wasn’t too far away. I also love Saguaro National Park. You always have the most awesome pics!! Hey, do you think you may drive down to southern California to Salton City one day? I would love to see some pics from there! There are some pretty awesome things to photograph down there, too!

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    Thanks Dennis!

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks! I also love Saguaro N.P. You know, this December I’m going to spend some more time in Borrego, and I really hope to spend some time photographing the Salton Sea. I wanted to last time, but got distracted by the wildflower bloom. In December, I won’t have that distraction!

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  4. That’s cool, Ron. I hope you do get some photos down at the Salton Sea. You have the most awesome pics! They bring back many memories for me, seeing Anzo-Borrego, Salton Sea, SaguaroN.P. Thanks Ron & Janine!!!

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