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  1. I really like the lighting and the subtle layered feeling, Ron. There’s something different about this image compared with what I am used to seeing of yours, but I’m sitting here starting and I can’t put my finger on it. In any case, I like it.

  2. Hey Ron…Just thought I should let you know of a lovely site called ‘False Kiva’ at the Canyonlands NP. I havent been there but have seen some beautiful images of this kiva which I read was made famous by Tom Till (who lives in Moab and has a fabulous gallery in downtown Moab…not be missed). The directions to False Kiva are a closely guarded secret by the NPS are not on the Park Trail Map but mentioned in the book by Laurent Martres. I believe the trail is partly strenuous and a bit risky. Since you are in the area, it would be worthwhile to add this site to your list of lovely collections of the South West.

  3. Ooppsss… Sorry Ron, ignore my last post. I see that you already have been to False Kiva in Oct 2008. Awesome pic of the kiva on your website.

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  7. Ron,
    I’m a travel agent and photoholic. I combine my love for travel with my obsession for photography. Your daily photos are a welcomed daily “fix” for this photoholic!
    Thanks for taking the time to share your photos! I look forward to each new photo!

    Julie Roggow

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