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  1. Thank you so much for capturing this exceptional moment. I love it. I love the moon and call it the friendly moon, the friend of the babies, the lamp of the nights, the source of the glory of the nights, . When it turns half or less i call it the eye of heaven and when a cresent i call it the smile of heaven. Thank you God bless you.

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  3. Thanks again for sharing the wonder and power of nature with us! Magic spreading across the world. Saw my 1st seasonal rainbow today after some playing in the rain. I love being and adult having fun barefoot too. Mary

  4. Ohh, I have gooseflesh all over from this awesome photo. The moon does look huge, and I love the pink reflections of its light on the water.

    Adam, I just love your poetic descriptions of the phases of the moon – we do have an awesome God. I imagine Him smiling at our pleasure of His creation.

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  6. Ron,
    That’s a beautiful shot. Color great,
    Info. please…
    What settings etc.??


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    Thanks Dena!

    This was with a Canon 1Ds III and a 100-400 at 260mm. Exposure was @ f/8, for 1/3 of a second and ISO 100. Very little adjustment in Photoshop.

  8. Good info!
    Next time I try to get a moon shot, I’ll try something like that!


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