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Alaska State Fair

Alaska State Fair, Palmer, Alaska.

Earlier this summer I started doing a series of lessons sharing what I know about outdoor and nature photography.  Well, summer in Alaska kind of kept me distracted from working on more posts.  With rain in the forecast for as far as I can see – this weekend may be a good time to work on some more of this series!

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  2. Hey Ron & Jeanine!! I was offline for a couple of weeks because I moved to the Great Smokey Mountains. It took them 2 weeks to hook up my internet! Great to be back to see some dope pictures! Awesome array of color!

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    Hey thanks Beth, great to hear from you! I started to wonder if all was ok – glad to hear you are good, and it sounds like a great move! It must be nice to be away from the city!


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    Hi Carl,

    No I didn’t. It looked like those horseys went around really fast and I was very scared! 🙂

    The forecast does look bad. Even in bad summers, we usually get that week or so of high pressure and nice weather. It never happened this year, and now summer is all but over. Wow, that went fast.

    Your next trip does sound like a fun one, and I would be tempted in the weather was better. I think I will stick to the office. Have fun and be careful!


  5. Hey Ron, It’s great to be away from the city!! You should see what my brothers telescope picks up through the lense Fantastic!!!

  6. Hey Ron,

    I agree, those horseys look like they’re moving .. how you not get ‘motion-blur’? People must be CRAZY to ride those things.

    So much for the weather – today’s gorgeous.



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