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Gray Fox, Desert Photo Retreat, Tucson, Arizona.

Gray Fox, Desert Photo Retreat, Tucson, Arizona.

So my write up on yesterday’s post unfortunately was omitted.  But as you may have guessed, last week a built a third blind, one with an elevated reflection water table that I’m really excited to try!  I have also been trying to get some different fox images.

I noticed the fox sometimes uses this rock out-cropping as a lookout over the canyon and our camp. So I decided to set my camera up there for something different.

The fox makes multiple visits to the water hole every night, but this spot was not nearly as popular. I made many trips up and down the mountain in the dark with camera gear over three nights – one time at mid-night thanks to an unexpected rain, but last weekend he finally showed up! Next time I hope to get his whole body, but it is a good start.

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