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Susan Dunsmore also joined us on the trip.  Susan is a top notch, very experienced kayaker.  

Here Susan is making her way through some icebergs from Columbia Glacier.  This was not the safest of environments as the rising tide would would cause sudden and sometimes dramatic shifts in the grounded icebergs as they found their new equilibrium.  Despite the danger, this place was too much fun not to explore!

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  1. I’ve really been enjoying your kayaking images. I’ve done a little kayaking here in Minnesota and would love someday to paddle Alaska. This is a non-photographic question, but what make and model kayak is Susan paddling?

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    Thanks Alan,

    Susan was using a Wilderness Systems Tempest 165. If you notice, she didn’t use a rudder.

    Hopefully you are able to get up this way for some paddling one of these days.

  3. Yes, I thought it was a skeg boat. I’ve been without a kayak for a few years, but would like to get back into it again. I wanted to try a boat with a skeg as I’ve never been too fond of rudders. Thanks for the information.

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