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  2. Your photographs certainly cheer me up in my “slums” at night. I work permanent night duty in a prison !!

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  6. Ron,
    I’m preparing for a trip to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone next month and had a question about filters. Would you use a soft edge grad filter for photos with mountains, or do you think hard edges are fine? I’m wondering how you would use a hard edge in this Mt. Marathon photo since the mountains aren’t a straight line.


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    Hi Scott,

    Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in September should be a blast!

    Here, I angled the filter across the mountains by hand holding the filter. The sun was shinning a bit in the valley, but not at all along the stream where I was standing. In fact, in this photo, I think I moved the filter down a bit to include a good portion of the mountains, you can tell because the green mountain on the left, and the rocks on the right are a bit too dark. I would probably try to lighten them a bit when I actually process the image.

    Around mountains, I tend to use the hard edge filters the most. On this trip for example where I was limited by space because I was backpacking I only brought my 2 and 3 stop hard edged. There are times the soft edge works best, but usually I go with the hard edge.

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