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Southeast Alaska

It is great to be home, but it has been a very busy couple of days as I’m preparing to hit the road again.  I have wanted to return to the Southeastern Panhandle region of Alaska for a couple of years now – we have a couple good customers who often need photos of that region – plus it is really beautiful.  I decided this would be the summer to head that way.  That decision worked well as in addition to filling our own files, I have lined up a couple assignments for the region.  I want to be in the area while it is looking its best, so that means leaving as soon as possible.

I’m hoping to leave Monday or Tuesday to begin the long drive.  I would like to take a few days to get across Alaska and the Northern portion of the Yukon, I then intend to catch the ferry in Haines for another long day on the Alaska State Ferry to Ketchikan.  From there, my schedule is pretty open, considering the notoriously bad weather the region typically experiences, I think I will want to have a lot of flexibility in my schedule.  I will probably hit a number of the Southeast towns over a period of about three weeks – I will do my best to post to the blog, but it is much tougher in these more remote parts.  Janine hopes to fly down and join me for a few days, otherwise she will be getting caught up in the office.

This photo is from a spot near Juneau, Alaska.

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