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  1. so that’s what this is called. I have a photo or two of this, (not very good ones) but never knew what it was called.

    I like the composition of this.

  2. Hey Ron

    Man, do I feel stupid. I just asked yoau question via email (NSN) and I could’ve answered it myself, right here.

    Great photo bruh, as always.

    When is Janine going to write something – you’re now up to 216, and she’s still only written 3. 🙂



  3. Post

    Hi Carl,

    You know just last night she said she was going to write something – but I think she just wanted to vent about visitors – If she is like me, she will write it, feel better and never post it :).

  4. Hey Ron

    Dide you use a grad filter on this? The top of the pine trees look dark.

    The foreground is awesome.



  5. Post

    Thanks Carl,

    Yep, a two stop. I could probably lighten those trees a bit. For the blog I don’t do hardly any PS work, I don’t even remove dust spots – I just post more or less as is. When I finally work this image, maybe I can brighten those tress, although most people would hardly notice.


  6. Hey Ron

    Thanks for the notes. I wasn’t being critical, I just noticed and wondered if you’d used one – I wouldn’t have even thought to use one here. It looks like the foreground is in full light, I’d have assumed the light between it and the sky would be pretty even .. though the clouds would blow a little. of course, my picture would then be all messed up, exposure-wise, and yours is on the money, as always. 🙂



  7. Post

    You know I probably didn’t need one – I shot it both ways and preferred the photos with the GND. I often prefer photos where I used a GND for some reason.

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