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A bear looks for clams at sunrise, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

A bear looks for clams at sunrise, Lake Clark National Park, Alaska.

Tired of bears?  Well, I’m taking a quick week long trip to Southeast Alaska where I will be renting a small boat for whale and landscape photography.  I threw this trip together with short notice based partly on a favorable weather forecast.  I’m not traveling with a laptop, so I won’t post again for a week – see you then!

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  1. Hi there! I have looked through your entire photo blog and I love it! You really make Alaska seem otherworldly. I am excited to be visiting Alaska in a few weeks to hopefully witness this beauty myself. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for hikes in Denali… specifically we are doing 4 night hike, so if you have any suggestions on which sites are some of your faves that would cool! Thanks

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    Thanks Nina!

    Hi Jay – Thanks! if read my post you would see that I was away from internet for the past week – I wasn’t just ignoring you. 🙂

    It depends on the weather a bit – if there was any chance for clear skies I would prefer to be out West where you can see the mountain. There can be lots of wildlife out that way as well – moose and caribou. That is a popular area so you might have trouble getting a unit.

  3. Hey Ron – Thanks for the suggestion! I guess I was so focused on the wonderful pictures that I neglected to pay attention any text.

    We totally screwed up on planning for our trip, as we now understand the shuttle is only running until Sept 17.– (we were totally unaware of the road lottery). So I think we will be limited to units close to the visiter center, which looks to be East of the mountain. Thanks again!

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    That road lottery is awesome – you might go to Anchorage Craigslist – sometimes people will sell unneeded tickets there, and sometimes they will post notices of tickets for sale at the Visitor Center – it would be worth it!

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