Mount Marathon

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Backside of the race portion of Mt. Maraton, Seward, Alaska.

Below the bowl on the backside of the race portion of Mt. Marathon, Seward, Alaska.

The plan was to continue posting photos on the blog from our recent trip to British Columbia, as I worked hard in the office.  Well, the weather turned so nice, we couldn’t stay inside!  So yesterday afternoon we grabbed the backpacks, tent and camera gear and headed for the hills!  This was captured just before sunset last night – unfortunately the sky didn’t light up, but it was a great place to hang out!

After photographing sunrise, we were still back home by 9:30, so we had a nice night in the field, and can still get some office work done!

Here are more Alaska photos.

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  3. Beautiful location, even if the light did not peak as you had hoped it would. Heading up to Mt Baker this afternoon for my own rendezvous with whatever the flower-cloud gods will give me.

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