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  1. And you’re showing us flowers because….?


    Happy travels. Wanna swap places? I’m digging ditches, laying flagstone sidewalks, and building planter boxes. (read: How I spent my Memorial Day Weekend.)

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    I certainly don’t want to trade places with ya Gary!

    Richard, come on up – it is a treat to be here in the spring! Maybe grab Gary on your way North.


  3. if this sale had gone thru I was going to make plans to head up, but it bombed today. but then again it was a longshot for what I was asking for. 🙁 btw, did you use a T&S lens for this shot?

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    Bummer on the sale Richard.

    Yes I did use a T&S lens – man those things are great for shots like this that would be impossible otherwise.

  5. I keep trying to convince myself to get a T&S lens. Do you find you use it a lot? This image would make a fantastic large print.

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    Thanks Mark!

    You know this is the first trip in which I have used it much and I see myself using it a lot more in the future. I originally used it for panoramics. But with this shot, and the Red Rock Canyon photos further down the page, I really liked having the ability to get right on top of the flowers and still have everything in focus. In both cases the clump of flowers was fairly small, but by being able to get so close, they still had a visual impact. This was with the 45.

    I recently picked up the 24 mainly for travel shots in order to keep building square. I haven’t used this one as much – it is hard to give up the flexibility of a zoom for travel, but that could be a great lens for landscapes. I did shoot this scene with the 24 but Mt Moran was hardly noticeable in those images.

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