Mountain Biking

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Mountain Biking

Mountain biking on the Competitive Trails in McDowell Mountain Regional Park, near Phoenix, Arizona.

I have tried shooting from my bike while using a slow shutter speed before, with poor results.  I think having the trail lined with bright, colorful poppies really helped this attempt.  These trails are really fun!

Here are more mountain biking photos.

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  1. That seems dangerous! I’m not sure I’d attempt that even with a point and shoot super mini!

  2. Great picture, again! But just like What Julie said above, this one is probably just best for me to appreciate from your sets but not for me to experiment :). But am really amazed at how the bike looks defined, yet the hands and the plants show really fast motion, seems super fast motion.

  3. Really nice image Ron – I like the feeling of movement in the landscape and as Elizabeth said, I’m drawn to the handlebars of the bike. Neat!

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    Thanks for the comments!

    Yeah Julie, I was a bit worried about my camera – notice my fingers on the brakes! 🙂

    Good eye Elizabeth, I was trying to keep the camera steady relative to the handlebars so that they would be sharp, and the background blurred. I must have been steering a bit which makes my hand blurry – but I think that still works since some of the handlebars are still sharp.



  5. Hey Ron,

    Very cool photo brother .. really well done.

    And it sure looks like a sweet trail to be ridin’ too!



  6. you are only a crazy!l know that you have learned what life is.l want to live as you l?ve.

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