Mountain Biking Crested Butte

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Janine riding the Upper Loop, Crested Butte, Colorado.

- Janine riding the Upper Loop, Crested Butte, Colorado.

The Upper and Lower Loops in Crested Butte are great trails.  They run parallel a nice little stream, and wind through some great stands of pine and aspen as they climb up the valley.  It was a great place to ride and photograph!  At 9,000 feet, I’m glad we are acclimatized to the elevation – no wonder everyone looks so fit around here!

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    You should get a mountain bike Richard – it is a fun form of exercise!

    Thanks Dennis – sounds like the colors up that way are far better then they are down here.



  3. Hey Ron,

    Fork some bucks outta your cheap a** and buy that rider some mtn biking gloves. Nobody should ride without them. 🙂 And go clipless with the pedals, too.

    Really great shot, and that so classic Niebrugge light – warm, but not overbearing. Love it man.

    Richard, take up mtn biking, but make sure you have decent health care first. And a healthy bank account for the black hole that is the pit you’ll be throwing bike repair money into. Then, by all means, enjoy. 🙂

    Great shot Ron.



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    Thanks Carl,

    We were going to hire a model because we really can’t pull off the real mountain biking look with the baskets on the peddles, rim brakes and lack of full suspension – gloves might help a little, but probably won’t full anyone!

    Thanks man,


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