Mountain Biking Moab

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Mountain Biking Moab

Mountain Biking Moab

We we were riding back to the parking lot after a great evening of riding and photographing on the famous Slick Rock Trial, when I noticed a wonderful sunset glow to the west. I wanted to find a nice ridge where I could have Janine sillouteed against the skyline. When I saw this rock, I knew I had the perfect place!

After getting set up and beginning to photograph, a German photographer who also had been working with biking model came along and saw my scene. He suggested that a second biker would help the picture. I knew it was a nice way of asking if he could photograph the same scene, but I had to admit, two bikers were better then one. So someone half way around the world probably has a fairly similar image as this one. He stood far to my right and probably had a much bigger gap between the rock and the bikers – maybe he left the rock out all together, I kinda wonder, but probably will never know.

Here are more mountain biking photos.

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  1. Hey Ron,

    That’s a great shot – and the guy’s right, 2 people definitely add to the mood of the photo.

    So, maybe another lynx photo now?



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    That is hilarious Gary! I wish I had thought of it.

    That is great Sherri! We are trying the whole trail tomorrow.

    Hi Doris – yeah, that’s ok. 🙂


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  4. Ron, i was wondering which canon rebel the XS or the XTi. Thanks for any help you can give and i promise this is the last time i will bug you on this topic:).

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    Hi Leo,

    No problem – you can ask more questions.

    The best choice would actually be the ESi. The ESi has more mega-pixels and a larger screen on the back.


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