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Janine mountain biking the Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Janine mountain biking the Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

This is an awesome running / biking and mountain biking trail – we think it is the most fun we have ever had riding a trail, more fun then even the Slickrock Trail in Moab!  I hope to write more about it when I have more time, but for now lets just say it was a blast.

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  1. Nice! I’ll have to bring my bike the next time I make it up to Tahoe – sounds like a great trail!
    I love the rock formations around that area, like the one right there ahead of Janine. That read jacket and helmet she’s wearing really pops in this image. I’m curious; So do you go shopping with Janine for clothes with photography in mind or is this just luck? A green or black jacket and helmet just wouldn’t have nearly the same impact as the red does here.

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    Thanks Dennis – it was!

    Hi Steve,

    Definitely bring your bike, it is really fun. There is a shuttle that will pick you up on the far end (lower end) for $10 for you and your bike – that is a good deal.

    And yes, we do shop for jackets with photos in mind, and when we head out for the day, depending on what we are doing, she also makes sure she has bright cloths on – good observation.


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