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    Hi Maria,

    I didn’t. I don’t remember what lens I used for this image, but I’m thinking it was a 600, possibly with a converter – so that is why the moon is so huge.



  3. That is incredible. What is a converter, and is that makes it so large, or the 600 focal length?

    I’m really enjoying looking at your photos! 🙂


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    I sometimes use a 2x converter, also called a 2x multiplier – basically, it doubles the length of your lens giving me a 1200mm focal length. I also use a 1.4 x converter.

    That is what makes the moon so large – with a 2x converter on a 600, I can almost fill the frame with just the moon. Since the moon doesn’t come close to filling the frame here, I probably used a straight 600.

    Here is a similar scene with a 400: As you can see the moon becomes a much smaller part of the frame.



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