Moving Night Time-lapse

Ron Niebrugge Anza-Borrego, California, Travel, Video 13 Comments

I have been trying some new things here in Anza-Borrego including moving night time-lapses like you see here.  I know some of my late night efforts have been ruined by unexpected headlights 🙁   But, I have a feeling some might be working out.

Typically I will put these together once I’m home on a much faster computer, but wanted to assemble one while on the road just to see what is working and what isn’t, and since I did, I thought I would share it here.  So, I do have one question, what do you think of the airplanes passing by?  They look like shooting stars, but are planes.  If necessary, I could avoid them by going later at night and/or with some post processing effort.

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  1. Hi Ron,

    Nice stuff! I think the planes don’t detract at all – that’s how the world is after all.
    Could you talk a little bit about technique and gear involved for that?



  2. The “shooting stars” simply add to the drama. How did you light the sculpture – car headlights?

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    Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Glad to hear most people don’t mind the planes – they would be work to remove.

    @ Tony Close – I actually light these with my parking lights. It didn’t take much light as each image was a 25 second exposure.

    @ Charles I made this with a Canon 5D II on a 6 foot long ramp made by Dynamic Perceptions which includes a controller they will allow you to shoot, move, shoot. They have a website and make some pretty cool devices for prices way less then typical controlled ramps: . Each exposure was 25 seconds.

  4. The shooting stars (aka airplanes) don’t bother me nearly as much as that menacing dinosaur that seems to be turning and focusing on the defenseless photographer. Glad that you survived!

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    @ Jim LOL! He is scarier at night!

    @Dior Bags I used my parking lights – repositioned the truck until it received the right amount of light.

  6. Agreed! In the dinosaur context, I think they’re cool, or maybe with a slithering lizard, but not so much in one of your gorgeous, tranquil settings.

  7. Love the “shooting stars”, they work well with the strange dinosaur sculpture, a sort of out of this world effect.

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