Mt. Alice

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Mt. Alice, Chugach National Forest, Seward, Alaska.

Mt. Alice, Chugach National Forest, Seward, Alaska.

This is another recent photo of Mt Alice at sunset captured this past December.  Maybe I should just call this the Mt. Alice photo blog because I post so many photos of this beautiful mountain.  🙂  Really, the subject matter here should be taking a dramatic change soon once we hit the desert and begin chasing wildflowers.

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  1. Beautiful, Ron. The glow here is amazing! I can see why Alice is so special to you.

    Its greening up beautifully down here–your desert wildflowers hunt will hopefully be very successful!


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  4. Wow this photo is amazing! I love pictures of mountains (and seeing them in person of course!), and the way you capture the pink hues of sunset in this photo is surreal!

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  7. this is a great picture..!
    there is great place up in the Garhwaal Himalayas here called valley of flowers..i believe it blooms only for a short one month or so in may -june..befor rains..its a vast miles and miles stretch of flat land between valley with green and blooming flowers turning maroon slowly..and both side ice capped mountains..

    second one is pure joy..kailash mansarovar..u might want to check out..for a nature lover like you you couldnt miss out mansarovar..

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