Mt Marathon Bowl

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The Bowl, Mt Marathon, Seward, Alaska.

The Bowl, Mt Marathon, Seward, Alaska.

The trail locally know as the “Mt Marathon trail to the bowl” has really become popular in recent years and for good reason – it rocks!

The trail begins in Seward at 1st avenue and Monroe, just keep following Monroe up the mountain.  After leaving town, the first section winds through a stretch of beautiful tall tress that help make up the temperate rain forest.  Once you climb up out of the rain forest, you are rewarded with some wonderful views of the City of Seward and Resurrection Bay.  After a bit more climbing, you eventually reach a cool little alpine valley where a clear stream twists, turns and waterfalls through fields of wildflowers and colorful boulders – some of which you can see in yesterday’s Mt Marathon post.  Then, after climbing the final stretch which is made up mostly of a long snow field, you reach the Mt. Marathon bowl you see pictured here.  This was captured at sunrise Monday morning.

Fireweed amazes me!  That stuff can grow where few, if any other plants can survive.

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  1. Nice bowl scene Ron. We are planning to come to Alaska next summer. We want to go to Denali, Seward, K. Fords & maybe somwhere else to see bears. What is the best time of year to come? Better to rent a car or use rail? We will be flying to Anchorage. Any other suggestions.

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