Mule Deer

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Mule deer buck, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Mule deer buck, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

This guy was huge!  Rocky Mountain National Park is sure a great place to watch and photograph elk and deer.  This was from our Fall visit.

Here are more Colorado photos.

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    Thanks Dennis!

    Thanks Dan – funny when I see a deer like this I can’t help but think of you and your amazing deer photos!

  2. Magnificant, and becomes even more impressive with the blurred background. Thanks sto RMNP he is protected from hunters and has been able to live a longer life and grow this beautiful rack.

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  4. Hey Ron,

    Wow – Aren’t those mule deer awesome? I’ve shot a lot of whitetail, but rarely mule deer, so everytime I see them they catch my eye – massive racks on those guys.



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  6. Indeed it is, Ron. Was this big guy at the base of Deer Mt. and close to the road in from Beaver Meadow entrance? That is where we see most of the big bucks just before sunset. The mountain is aptly named. Hard to get enough light for a good photo with the equipment I use.

    Lots of photo ops here in Sedona today with snow on the top of the rock formations and the sun peeking through great clouds. The third wave of precipitations is due this afternoon. Flag may get 6′ in all when the four or five storms have passed through. The desert flowers should be absolutely spectacular this year for your workshops! It may be a one-in-a-million years. Phoenix weather reporters are amazed that they got .08 of an inch at Sky Harbour Airport in one day. I’m still startled when they talk about precip in hundredths of an inch out here.

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    Yes it was, right next to the intersection with Bear Lake Road.

    Wow, Sedona must look beautiful right now. 6 feet of snow in Flagstaff – that is crazy! I hope it is a great wildflower year – it sure sounds like it will be.



  8. I often come about people that think you don’t need special skills to be a good photographer. That all you need is a camera and the perfect moment. I respectfully disagree…contrary to the popular belief you really need to have skills at photographing. At least that’s what I think. This photo illustrates my idea perfectly…you need to have a little talent and to practice a lot. Like everything else in life.
    I think this picture is AMAZING and I would frame it and hang it down my wall. I LOVE it!
    Just got a new wallpaper with it. Thanks.

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