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  1. Hey Ron,

    Yeah, totally bummer about the light here, eh? 🙂

    What a sweet shot. I’m keen to get some images of a muskrat this summer. I can’t believe you got this much open water already.



  2. I’ve never heard of a muskrat, and that is awesome you can see this on the way to visit your mom. I’m more likely to see a muskrat spray painted on a freeway sign.

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    Hi Carl,

    Yeah, this lake just opened up. Thanks man.

    Richard, have you heard of the song Muskrat Love? I don’t know if the song has anything to do with these guys. They are kind of like miniature beavers, even have a similar tail.

    Thanks Vivian!


  4. They sure like those pond roots eh? We have quite a few of them around here, but often quite skittish. Nice shot Ron.

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  6. I walked out of my clients house in East St Paul Winnipeg and this thing was there making cakkly noises at me and when I tried to shoe it away it hissed at me lucky I did not have to pee or something else or I would have been in trouble this thing would not move and it is ugly.

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