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My excuse for the lack of blog activity.

We have decided to tackle a “small” remodel project.  We have a little, old house with a wonderful view, and thought new cabinets, paint, carpet etc would really spruce it up.  Well we are working hard to get it done by Christmas!

Normally right now I would be processing images from our last trip, but that will have to wait a bit – currently we are just taking care of existing business as we “camp” in our house. 🙂


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  1. Woooo, miss posting to your weblog for one whole day? You should be flogged!!!

    BTW, I see the problem; you’re back walls are tilting. Is this a permafrost issue? 🙂

  2. Hi Ron and Janine,

    We also live in a little, old house with a wonderful view. But, I have to ask you how little is little? Whenever people tell me they live in a little house I have to ask that question. They usually tell me there house is “only” 1200 SF. I have to laugh. That would be a mansion to us! Our house is only 640 SF.

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    Hey Gary

    Well I’m lowering expectations figuring I may be missing some more days 🙂 I’m thinking if you build crooked walls on permafrost that they might turn out straight!

    Hi Sherry

    You can laugh – ours is about 1,100 – so I won’t complain. Actually I’m not complaining – it is more then plenty for just two of us. If I had a garage, I think I could get by on much less – it is all those toys like skies, backpacks, tents, raft that take up the room!

  4. wow Ron. the top picture looks like the remnants of a kitchen I think. the view from your couch must be amazing though. What do you see outside that window?

    lol Sherri, when I lived in SF my studio apartment was 420 sf! big enough for one person… unfortunately no room for friends to sit other than on folding chairs or an IKEA lazy chair. what I hated was the small kitchen.

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    Yeah, that was the kitchen!

    There is a street and summer campground across the street, but otherwise we look and mountains and ocean – it is pretty cool, I have watched whales while working in the office. This recent post of sunrise was from just in front of the house.

  6. R&J,

    What I didn’t tell you is, we have a garage. It’s actually a garage on one side with a common wall and an office on the other side. We also have a basement under half of our house (cottage), plus a large storage shed for our toys.

    We still plan on adding a sunroom (dining area) off of the kitchen, which will add on about 200 SF. Last summer, we installed a French Door where our large picture window was and our view is. It was one of the best things we have ever done to the house. It opens up onto the deck which is 14X27. It’s just like adding on 378 SF to our house. We leave it open most of the time during the day, even in the winter with the fire burning in the woodstove!

    Richard – We got you beat! We lived in a 216 SF cottage for 6 months when we first moved to Auburn from the Bay Area.

    R&J – It would be great to see the after shots of your home improvement project!

  7. Yo Ron, if you have any liquid refreshments I have a saw and a hammer, or any tools I have you can use let me know
    good luck DB

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    Hey Sherri,

    Well a garage and a big deck like that probably makes 640 s.f. pretty tolerable. I bet the wood stove makes it nice and toasty! The sun room would be a wonderful addition.

    DB – wow, thanks for the tool offer, I appreciate it! I don’t have many tools, but we have hired Jon Andrews to help us out and he has kept his tools here so that has worked out well. But speaking of liquid refreshments, we do have some catching up to do – maybe when the house is done!

    Your comment just prompted Janine to tell me you called… two days ago! 🙂

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    Hi Mark,

    That would be a cool place for a big fish tank! That looks into a room that most people would use as a dinning room – for us, its the office.

  10. Thanks Ron for ratting me out on the Blog! Sorry Doug, I usually am very good about passing on messages, this remodel has affected my ability to multi-task.


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