Mystic Falls Trail Yellowstone National Park

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Mystic Falls - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Mystic Falls trail is a great little 4 mile loop that should be high on any Yellowstone visitors must do lists.  It begins on the backside of the boardwalk at Biscuit Basin just a couple of miles from Old Faithful.  The trail runs along side a pretty little creek known at the Little Firehole River.  Mystic Falls itself is just 1.2 miles down this trail.  Mystic Falls is a scenic multi tiered 70 foot cascade surrounded by some warm steam vents.

You could turn around right here, but I would strongly recommend doing the entire loop – this way you will see the Observation Point pictured below.  The Observation Point provides a wonderful panoramic view of the entire Upper Geyser Basin.  If you look at the photo closely, you can see the Old Faithful area in background.

The trail is in great condition, and the climbs all have nice switchbacks to soften the elevation gain.  You do climb about 1,000 vertical feet to reach the Observation Point, that isn’t too bad, but keep in mind you are climbing from about 7,000 to 8,000 feet – you will probably be sucking more air then you are used too, especially if you just arrived to Yellowstone.  Your efforts on this trail are well rewarded.

Observation Point

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  1. What time of day are you standing at the observation point of Mystic Falls trail? Is that morning light or afternoon light? I love that shot, and want to try getting one of myself there.

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