Nature Valley Bus Stop Advertising

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Nature Valley Bus Stop Sign

Like yesterday’s image, the above poster was also part of the market test in LA; here is my original post and photo on that story.  The image was from the Hidden Falls Trail in Grand Teton last year at this time.

So it is really exciting to report this image was also licensed for unlimited nationwide bus stop signage for one year, along with some other uses!

You might notice the version that illustrates the blog entry on the Hidden Falls Trail is darker then the one you see above.  That is because images used in this blog are usually from the a jpeg with very little Photoshop adjustment applied, because I’m in the field and short on time.  In this case, the final version was actually a blending of two different exposures created by working with the raw files after returning home.  I always capture both a jpeg and raw file when taking a photo – This blog is the only place I use the jpeg; otherwise I only work with the raw file. 

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