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  1. that sounds like a lot of fun Ron. I wanted to do that too when I went in Dec but when its raining outside there’s not much you can do… Have you ever heard of the Neon Sign Graveyard? it’s that thing where you schedule a private tour and then they’ll tell you how to get there for fear of being looted.

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  4. I would love to go to vegas to see all of those beautiful signs or I should say artwork.
    But on a smaller scale we also have great selection of neon signs at
    These signs are a great way to help advertise a business or to brighten up a home or bar.

  5. can you do a chicago cubs wrigley field neon sign. so your work on ricks restoration program.

  6. can you do a chicago cubs wrigley field neon sign.saw you on ricks restoration program.

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