New York New York, Las Vegas

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New York New York, Las Vegas

New York New York, Las Vegas.  They were so excited about that name that I guess that felt it needed repeating.

I have envisioned this shot and tried to capture it on previous trips, but unfortunately a street light is positioned in such a spot to overpower the top of the scene.  Actually, I’m surprised the Las Vegas Strip even needs street lights!  So last night during a break in the traffic, I dashed around the pedestrian barrier and out to the stop light island and grabbed this shot.

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  1. There was once a bill proposed in Vegas that all resorts had to be double-named. The city felt that was infringing upon 1st Amendment rights so it died upon voting. New York New York and Circus Circus having the rebellious management that they do decided to mock the city council by adopting the double names. That’s my conspiracy theory anyway. 🙂

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