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We found these teepees driving around the backroads of Moab this Fall.

We found these teepees driving around the backroads of Moab this Fall.

Here are some random news items that I thought I would share.  Since these aren’t interesting to most readers, I figured I would put them all in one post and bury them after the jump.

Our bison in Yellowstone is in the current (December) issue of Outdoor Photographer!  We were in Moab when they contacted us, and at the time we didn’t ask how they intended to use the image.  Now I see it accompanies an article by Jim Goldstein .  That was a cool honor – I have known Jim through the internet – we have emailed and talked on the phone, I look forward to meeting him in person one day.

Over the last couple of years we have been fortunate to spend extended amounts of time in a number of wonderful places – Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Zion in addition to the Phoenix, San Diego and Las Vegas areas.  Fortunately, these places have sold well for us making it easier to return, with one major exception;  Anza Borrego State Park. 

I shouldn’t be surprised, it seems like we rarely come across a person who has even heard of Anza Borrego.  We have come across people just an hour and a half away in Palm Springs who give us that same funny look when I tell them we are going to Anza Borrego.  They look as if you aren’t even using real words.  But, the lack of popularity is probably why we enjoy the area.  Well recently, we have had a flurry of activity with our Anza Borrego photos, with the most notable being an upcoming issue of National Geographic Adventure.

We have also received some nice recognition from a few blogs during recent months.  It is always nice to be recognized by the big players in the photography industry as we were in this entry on the Photoshelter blog

The Digital Railroad blog referred to images of ours in which they had sold on numerous occasions.  The writer of that blog paid us the ultimate compliment when he selected one of my photos as his all time favorite!  I would link to it, but it wasn’t long after that, that Digital Railroad went bankrupt.  I hope that didn’t have anything to do with their taste in photography.  🙂

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    Thanks Richard!

    Timely question. We head down that way this weekend. Spending a month in Borrego – this way we are close enough to visit family in So Cal during the holidays. Then we are spending a month in OC.

    Sounds nice down there, although it looks like it is going to cool off next week.

  2. Do you know which issue of National Geographic Adventure will be featuring Anza-Borrego? I work for the Park so I’d really like to get my hands on a copy, if possible. I hope you’re enjoying your stay in Borrego!

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    Thanks Mark!

    Thanks Briana. I understand it will be in the February issue, in the Next Weekend section. I don’t think it will be too much of a feature but more of a short blurb.

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