No Southwest this Fall

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Coloardo River, near Moab, Uath.

Colorado River, near Moab, Utah.

Well, the plan for today was to pick up our RV trailer in Southern California and to begin driving toward Nevada / Utah for a few weeks of photography.  But, on Monday we cancelled our airline reservations so that we could spend more time getting caught up in the office.

Before I go any further – don’t feel sorry for us, we do still plan on flying to Hawaii for a few weeks later this month.  We have had numerous photo request for Hawaii images over the years, and have never photographed that beautiful state, so it will be fun filling this void in our coverage!

But, it is still weird not heading somewhere in the Western U.S.  I think for at least 12 years or more, we have always gone somewhere out West during September / October, whether is was Yellowstone, Moab or Zion.  Frankly, this is such a wonderful time of year down there – and the perfect weather is a nice escape from the rain we tend to receive here in Alaska this time of year.

But, our business continues to evolve as we diversify.  Part of the diversification is into video – 3D and straight HD.  In fact, a major motion agency, Corbis has agreed to market my HD clips, and two other video agencies have agreed to market my 3D clips.  Getting up to speed on video has been some learning process and taken a bit longer then I expected.  I must admit, I have really enjoyed the new challenge, and the creative options offered with video have been enlightening to say the least.  So getting my new footage off to these agencies has now become a priority, along with getting our new stills from this summer off to market – this seemed more important then capturing more images right now.

So, for the next month expect more Alaska images here on the blog – and maybe I’ll have time to get back to writing some more in-depth posts.  Then, start watching for some Hawaii coverage – that should be some contrast!

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  1. I totally sympathize. I myself have cleared my schedule for the next 2 months in order to be home with my family & get some “work” done. The SW will still be there when you are ready. Best wishes!

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    I was reading that Jon – it is always a tough balance – the desire to be in the field, but need to be in the home office.

  3. Wise decision I would say. if you don’t do exclusive footage I can also recommend “Framepool” for distribution. I’m with those guys for many years, nothing spectacular but ok.

    Have fun in the office – I know it sounds bad but I actually don’t mind being home after 25 years of traveling. I still got about 25000 images to develop and another 30000 coming out of the scanner right now.

  4. I know the feeling Ron – it’s that work-work balance (work in the field vs. completing that work in the office ;-). Video is definitely the exciting new frontier and one of my agents is picking it up as well. You’ll love Hawaii too – completely different experience from the southwest.

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    @ Rolf I can sure believe that – I don’t know anyone who has come close to traveling as much as you do! Thanks for the tip.

    @ Richard It sure it – but fun!

    @ Russ I didn’t realize you were doing any video – cool! I’m looking forward to Hawaii – should be a lot of fun!

  6. You two work harder than anyone I know. This is a good decision. Hawaii will bring a fresh perspective, waves, rocks, greenery and energy, all nourishing to the soul. Go with wings and God’s blessings. Love from mom and dad.

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    Thanks Mom!

    @ Scott Definitely hitting Maui for most of the time as we have friends who we can stay with. Hitting Honolulu for a few days – need photos of it. But, then I’m torn. Either the big island for the volcano, or Kauai for beautiful landscapes. The volcano has been inactive until recently – a lot might come down to what it is doing, might be a last minute decision. Thanks!

  8. Hey Ron,

    Great photography, and congrat’s on your well-earned climb into the upper tiers of photography. I am Native Alaskan – born in Knik, Alaska. I envy you and the journey you have taken – it is a photog’s dream. Take care, I will be following your progress.

    Daniel Nikita

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