North Window and Turret Arch

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Turret Arch through North Window, Arches National Park.

Turret Arch through North Window, Arches National Park.

After fighting the crowds at Delicate Arch, we decided to get to this location an hour before sunrise to be sure to have the what I thought was the ideal location. 

We enjoyed a half hour of quiet darkeness, then a half hour of beautiful pre sunrise glow, and finally the first light of day, and never saw or heard another person.  Only the sound of two ravens flying through the opening – when compared to silience, it is surprising how much noise thier wings can make.  This was definitely the best morning of the trip!

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  1. Beautiful Capture just like I told you it would be from the back side of south window. Great

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  3. Ha! You still got lucky. When I was last there at sunrise there were already dozens of people — 2 busloads! — in the arch. At no time during the good light was the arch free of people even long enough to get a shot without them. I definitely need to get back in the off-season (even if it’s only relatively off). Amazing that people were fighting over photo spots on Delicate Arch. That is sad, indeed.

  4. To have such a place all to yourself, I think you are speaking to most photographers dreams Ron. The light here just can’t be beat.

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    Hi John,

    Yikes, two bus loads! The whole time we stood there, I expected hordes of people would begin to appear over the edge of the arch – I did get lucky!

    Thanks Gary – I figured it wouldn’t take long for being taken to task over such an iconic location! It was still worth it!

    Thanks Mark!

  6. Glad you got the shots without incident Ron. I think most people in general aren’t familiar with “icons” so they still have their place. What I wonder is who and where the “photographers” are coming from. I’m curious to know what percentage are the type that only brings the camera out while traveling versus the ones that shoot regularly regardless of how much name recognition the scene has.

  7. Hey Ron,

    I’m enjoying the photos from the desert – you have a knack for bringing something different home. Very cool.

    Course, when you DO come home, it’ll be colder than it is down there. Alaska is still your home, right? 🙂



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    Yeah the warm light on red is sure amazing!

    I like your title “My Secret Spot” 🙂 It is too bad that place has turned to that – I don’t know why people have to be so loud.



  11. More and more places are turning into that kind of atmosphere. Its both the the upside and downside of interest in photography. As long as people are respectful of each other and the environment I don’t mind, but it makes photographing such areas during the week all the more attractive. One way I got around the nutty nature of all the people was to take a multiple row panoramic. If done right you could include people for scale or exclude them for a straight view. The challenge for that approach is timing as the sunset lighting changes so rapidly.

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    Hi Jim,

    Yeah, mid week is the only time to hit these popular sites. I did single row panoramic, but I haven’t tried multi-row.


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