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Devils Club, Chugach National Forest, near Seward, Alaska.

Devils Club, Chugach National Forest, near Seward, Alaska.

This bright red patch of devils club in a sea of rich green caught my eye yesterday as I went running on my favorite mountain trail.  I went back this morning with a camera, 24mm tilt/shift lens and a tripod to photograph this colorful patch.

I hope this doesn’t mean fall is coming early.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our brief, but spectacular fall.  But, the calendar still says July, and we have only seen a few days above 60 – I’m still looking forward to summer!

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  1. Beautiful Ron, I hear ya-it’s mid 90’s here though. I quess I drove right by your house when we were there on the 9th and 10th. I posted another bear on my Flickr site.

  2. Gorgeous shot! I’ve never seen the devils club in such high color contrast. And yes, I agree about summer. I still haven’t recovered from last winter’s cabin fever yet!

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    @ Dennis You probably did drive by the house! If you were hear the weekend I was thinking you were, I was out on a private tour, otherwise it would have been nice to say hi.

    @ Tim Thanks! Hopefully we will get a nice August!

  4. Great photography. So that’s what the Devil’s Club looks like in color. My father, landscape photographer Philip Hyde had some black and whites of it in the 1960s. I didn’t know its leaves are red. Are they red all year?

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    Thanks Ken!

    Hi David. most of the summer they are green like the ones surrounding the red ones. Only in the fall do they turn yellow or red – seems like they usually turn yellow, so I’m not really sure what got into this one!

  6. David — Devil’s club leaves are green all summer, normally turning bright yellow in fall. Ron has really caught a rare and vibrant beauty here with the scarlet leaves. km

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