NOVA National Stage Mountain Bike Race

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NOVA National Stage Mountain Bike Race

2008 NOVA National Stage Mountain Bike Race, McDowell Competitive Track, Arizona.

Our favorite mountain biking / running trails looked more like a NASCAR race this past weekend with trailers and booths for all the major mountain bike race teams.  You see, this was second location in a series of six that will help determine who represents the U.S. in the Olympics.  In other-words, as it was explained to me, these are some of the best riders in the world.

I didn’t know about these races before we arrived here, but it turned out to be a fun photo opportunity!  These are the pro men competing on the final event of Sunday – a 30 mile cross-country race.

Here are more mountain biking photos.

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  1. I’m root-n for the guy in the back – go 14! OK, now I need to go rest, I’m getting tired just looking at those guy’s. 🙂

  2. Great shot Ron!

    I wonder if any of the guys I photographed when I was shooting mountain bike races are among this group of racers. Some of them I followed for awhile and they were making quite a name for themselves!

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    Thanks for the comments.

    I hear ya Rick, I was tired watchint them!

    Sherri, I wouldn’t be surprised – I don’t know any of these guys names, I’m hoping to find results on the internet.

    That is a good question Richard – I did some takes with the camera right on the ground next to the trail looking up with a wide angle. They came out kind of neat, but looking at the photos later, I was surprised by how many riders were looking down at the camera – I think they might have been briefly distracted, but it nothing like what those guys put up with in the Tour de France!

  4. Hey Ron,

    Cool. You didn’t go in the race, did ya? If you wanted to take mtn biking pictures, just contact me .. I’ve probably fallen off my bike more than anyone .. you could get some great images!



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    Hi Carl,

    I’m too old and slow to race. I could definitely use some photos of someone falling off a mountain bike if you are up for it!



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  7. hello, please may i have permission from you to use this image for my ICT coursework ??

    thanks 😀


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    If it is just for a class, and you can use the version from the website, then yes, you can use it. You will find a larger version on our main website.

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