Nutirwik Creek Aurora

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Nutirwik Creek, Brooks Range, Alaska.

Nutirwik Creek, Brooks Range, Alaska.

This is looking the opposite direction up Nutirwik Creek from yesterdays photo.  It is interesting how different the colors in the aurora looked the other direction.

I can’t wait to get back for more!  I’m going to be in the area for four more nights in late August and early September, as part of a polar bear tour I’ll be guiding for friend Hugh Rose.  With just 5 guests, and timed to hit the amazing autumn colors in the Brooks Range, I think this will be a great trip.  Throw in more auroras, and it could also be one colorful trip!

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    Thanks Andy! It isn’t common to have open water. This was over-flow, which isn’t uncommon, but something we had to watch / search for. That is one of the nice things about Aurora in the Fall – open streams / lake for reflections.

  2. All we can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! We thought the first two photos you shared were incredible, but this one takes the cake. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise and artistry!

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  4. Ron, these photos of the Aurora are amazing – each one seems to exceed the one before!

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