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Shorebirds resting on the Copper River Delta, Alaska.

Shorebirds resting on the Copper River Delta, Alaska.

Well, as I was mesmerized by the shorebird migration, I was told a wolverine walked down the beach about a hundred yards behind me!  I was right there with my camera mounted on my telephoto, all on a tripod – it couldn’t have been better timing, well, except for the part where I was looking the other way!  It was spotted by Hugh Rose, who is an excellent photographer and naturalist – so it was a very reliable source.  Guess where I’m going to be hanging out!

My pain was greatly eased by the shorebird migration – this was the most I have ever seen.  Wow is the word I kept repeating to myself.  Unfortunately photographs just can’t do this migration justice.  Video would help, but would still fall short. 

I used f/22 for this image to maximize the depth of field.

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  1. Hey Ron,

    Don’t even pretend for a second that you would’ve chosen to photograph a dirty, raggedy ole wolverine over all these birds. 🙂

    Sorry you didn’t score on the wolverine. If it helps, this is a sweet image.



  2. Ron,
    Wow – tough choices – but this is one heck of a great shot Ron. I hope I can experience this type of shorebird migration one day.

  3. “I used f/22 for this image to maximize the depth of field.”

    You sure about that Ron? Looks more like f5.6 to me!

    That must be a spectacle to behold.

  4. So many birds that you can count them, nice shot, sorry that you didn’t get the
    wolverine but I be waiting to see a picture in a few day———————–I hope.

  5. Post

    I only have a few minutes of internet left, but just wanted to say thanks a lot everyone! I appreciate it.

    Hey MG. Like you, I really thought I could get a bit more DOF at F/22 – but those darn telephotos are pretty limited. (I can here Carl typing 🙂 ). This was with a 600 and a 1.5 converter at 80 feet. I double checked with a DOF calculator – that gives me less then 3 feet of DOF – not much given the 40 or so feet of birds in the group.

    Thanks again,


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