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An Ocotillo at sunrise in Borrego Palm Canyon, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California.

An Ocotillo at sunrise in Borrego Palm Canyon, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, California.

In the almost 5 years I have been doing this blog, I must admit, the last couple of weeks have been about as inactive as I have ever been.  It may be that way for a few more weeks until summer hits here in Alaska as I try to get caught up.

Now that I have added some more tools to my bag of tricks, it seems like there is far more work to do when I get home.  Not only do we have to keyword and process photos like we did in the past, but now I’m spending a ton of time compiling time-lapses, muxing 3D clips and overcoming frustrating new challenges like removing flicker!

Our rule of thumb has always been that we don’t take off on another trip until the previous one is completely processed – so that is what I’m working on as hard as I can – but it just doesn’t make very interesting blog fodder.

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  1. No worries about not being super active. Sometimes we all need to buckle down & get some work done. I admire your determination to process a trip before going on another one. That is not possible in my world. I have at least a dozen trips that have never been edited going back to 2008. Hopefully, my new part-time assistant will be able to help me get somewhat caught up. See you in Alaska soon!

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    Thanks Jon. It is tough, but I hate having photos that I have spent time and money to acquire just sitting on the computer. but then again, it is tough working in the office. Depending on the weather, I may see you in Cordova.

    Peter, I haven’t had too much luck. I found a Photoshop action that works pretty well except it seems to crash and not work a lot of the time. GBDeflicker works on the easy ones, but not the hard ones. I can’t get LRTimelapse to work and haven’t tried the VirtualDub solutions yet.

  3. Nice pretty shot Ron, Just done with Nikon Day at Park City Today, shot 8-10 lens and 3 other bodies and 2 flash units and there new 2x telecoverter which I have to have now.

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  6. Beautiful lighting on one of my favorite plants. Unfortunately, they just don’t do well here. It is warm enough at just 1000 foot lower elevation to make a big difference, so I have to travel a bit to see them.

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    Thanks Gary – and thanks for the standing invitation! 🙂

    Thanks Joni – they are a neat plant. It is interesting how altitude sensitive plants like Ocotillo, Joshua Trees and other plants can be.

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