Off to Denali!

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A wild wolf in Denali last night.

Yesterday I hit the road and made the long drive to Denali National Park.  I arrived at about 10:30 last night, and since it was still light out, I decided to drive a few miles into the park for a look see.  Much to my surprise, I came across this wolf along the road just 8 miles into the Park!  She was a beauty!  This was close enough to capture this with a 100-400!  What a great start. 

I had a nice encounter with a porcupine on the drive up – that was going to be today’s post until I found the wolf!  I will save it for tomorrow. 

I will probably be here for about a week.  I used to come up here two or three times each summer; but last year I was here just one night, after not visiting Denali at all the year before – so I’m excited to spend some time again in this amazing National Park.

I won’t have any internet or cell coverage, so there will probably be few post during the next week or so.  I do need to travel out of the park for fuel and a shower, so I will try to post to the blog then if I can, otherwise I hope to have some new material when I get back to the office.  Historically, some of my most memorable wolf and bear encounters have occurred during this time of year – so maybe there will be more.

Here are more wolf photos.

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  1. Hi Honey,

    Nice shot and great way to start your trip. Wish I was there with you! No wolves or porcupines running around Seward.

    Have Fun!


  2. Very cool, Ron!

    I’m hoping to see wolves and more when we’re in Denali in just two weeks.

    Do you have the spcial travel permit for photographers?

  3. Hey Ron,

    Dude, you rock!

    I was gunna say look for wolves along that section .. the Savage River pack have been seen pretty often the last year or 2. Great stuff Ron, always a treat to see these.



  4. Post

    Thanks Janine – I wish you weer here!

    Thanks Ben,

    I hope you do too! I do have a special travel permit, but I have seen the most wolves, moose, caribou and bears in the first 15 miles of rad open to everyone. It is usually the other way around. This wolf walks the road every evening picking up dead hares. There is a sow with 2 cubs by Savage everyday.

    Thanks Carl!


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