Off to Hawaii!

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Watching northern lights, near Seward, Alaska.

Watching northern lights, near Seward, Alaska.

We had a great northern lights show last month – and this parking lot about 12 miles from Seward was very busy despite the late hour, as locals drove out of town to watch nature’s amazing show!

This should be the last of the Alaska photos I’ll share here for awhile.   Sunday, we board a plane and head to Hawaii!  I’m really excited – haven’t been there in over 17 years.  We will spend 4 nights in Waikiki before heading to Kauai.  We will stay in Kauai for 3 to 6 nights – we will decide once we get there.  I have made arrangements for a door-less helicopter charter –  I love flying and shooting from a helicpoter with the doors off, it should be a great way to photograph the remote Na Pali coast.  Then, for the last two weeks we will be in Maui.

I hope to keep the blog updated with Hawaii photos while traveling, but it might be tougher then normal as we will only have one laptop and keeping up with business is always a priority.  And, I’ll need to spend extra time scouting as most of it will be new to me – and, a fun place to be scouting!    So, hopefully I’ll have something to share on Monday or Tuesday!

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  1. What a great shot. Have a great trip. I love Hawaii.

    Have a nice dinner at 22 Degrees North Restaurant on the Kilohana Plantation, and taste the rum while you are there. One of the best meals we had there.

  2. Great image. Have fun in Hawaii. There is a company that runs their chopper with doors removed by default on regular (not chartered) rides. They are listed as such in the Wizard book.

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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    @ Derek Thanks for the suggestion! Just looked it up and it is very close to where we are staying and sounds good – we will check it out!

    @ QT Thanks! Those are great books. I found that place, but also found a place not listed in their book that has Robinson R-44. This way if I miss the shot, or want to see something else, I can circle back and get it, and don’t have to worry about what seat I’m assigned. Thanks!

  4. I imagine you’ve already done a lot of research and have a plan all mapped out for your Hawaii visit, but if you’d like any more suggestions, let me know. I lived in the Islands for 20+ years so might be able to help with a few locations.

    – Greg

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  6. Have fun! I was nervous enough about getting into my first helicopter in Alaska. I’m not definitely not ready to get in one with the door open!

  7. Have a great time in Hawaii!
    Had a blast shooting from a door-less heli on my trip to Kauai.
    Enjoy! Mahalo!

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