Off to Utah!

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Dead Horse State Park, Utah
Dead Horse State Park, Utah

This is an older photo, but I wanted to do a quick post for a couple of reasons. First, just to say I may not post anything for a few days because we will be traveling. But more importantly, I just did a long over due update to my blog software. Last time I updated the software, I had a lot of problems, so I wanted to so a quick test before leaving the office. All seems well!

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  1. Ron – I love Utah! The landscape and the colors are amazing there. Your shot of Dead Horse is beautiful. Mother-nature at her best, just look at all those colors!

  2. Have a great trip Ron. I can’t even begin to tell you how nervous I was at Canyonlands, the one time I went there. I’m scared of heights and my hands were so sweaty even in areas where you don’t see anything.

    I liked Arches much better. 🙂

  3. Ron,

    I am totally an East Coast guy, but I appreciate really well done work from the west. This is great. It’s amazing how a small element can add so much to a landscape image. Here, that warm light just catching the tops of the canyon tops makes this image so strong.

  4. Have great & safe trip. Congratulations to you & Janine on the awesome cover shot for Sunset mag. Stay safe! This may be an older pic, but it’s beautiful also!!

  5. Post

    Thanks everyone!

    I have finally made it to Moab, and I’m now sitting in the rain!

    That is a good idea Gary!

    I hear you on the heights in Canyonlands Richard – there are some serious drops there.

    Thanks again,


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