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Sonran Desert wildflowers, near Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Sonoran Desert wildflowers, near Fountain Hills, Arizona.

You may have noticed the photo blog activity has slowed down a bit, partly because this rainy, snow-less winter has had me concentrating on office work, and has not provided me with new material for the blog.  But, mostly because we have been trying to get everything wrapped up before our next trip which we leave for on Monday!

Where are we going?  At first we fly to Palm Springs and then head down to Anza-Borrego where we will stay for about a month, and where I will do my Anza-Borrego photo workshop.

After that, believe it or not, we haven’t decided.  With all the rain the Southwest has received, there is a good chance we will chase some wildflowers possibly to Arizona.  But, we have kicked around a few other ideas and may go a different direction.  For now, we have not booked a flight home – we will pick our departure city and date later which makes it kind of fun.

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  1. Living the life, Ron. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store and maybe I’ll catch up with you in the desert. Btw, I might be having a housewarming in March if I’m sufficiently moved in by then so you and Janine are in invited. I’m inviting MG too.

  2. Nice wildflowers! Wish I could see some in my yard now, but the latest 6″ of snow covers everything here in Dallas 😉 Good luck on the road & I look forward to seeing your shots when you get back!

  3. Hope you and Janine have a great trip, looking forward to hearing about the AB worksop. Some day if you have time, I am curious to know what equiptment you travel with. Im sure you travel light asfar as clothes go. How do you manage your tripod? I two on the road helps.

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    Thanks a lot everyone!

    @ Richard – Great, keep me posted.

    @ John – that is crazy – Dallas has more then we do!

    @ Gary LOL – OK, I’ll do better this time!

    @ Dena I wish we did go light – we bring a couple hundreds pounds of gear including a couple of tripods – flying isn’t fun!

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