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On Friday, as we were getting ready to head out the door, MSNBC contacted us for an image of Arches National Park.  The photo was aired along with a story on the last minute law changes being made by the outgoing Bush Administration – one of which would allow drilling on the outskirts of Arches National Park.  It happened quick – the photo was on the air just over an hour after they contacted us, so I decided to grab a quick photo of the TV.

This Saturday night, a couple of my photos of Spokane will accompany the ESPN’s coverage of a Gonzaga basketball game.

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  1. Congratulations Ron! Seems like your images are popping up everywhere nowadays:) I really hope that photographs of the areas under fire by the Bush Admin. will be used (read “bought for use”) to help stop this assault on our national treasures. Thankfully, they are the outgoing administration…

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  3. Way cool Ron, I agree, they did give you a nice credit line. Did they give you an idea on how they found it? Oh – duh – I see you are #3 in Google for Arches National Park photos. Who’s show did it air on?

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    Thanks a lot guys!

    Hi Mark, they didn’t say how they find us, but I’m thinking it may have been Google or AGPix. It was on MSNBC News Live, just part of their ongoing news coverage.

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  6. Hi Ron,
    Cool pic on MSNBC.
    How do you handle licensing for images on TV? Seems like it would be hard to justify charging any decent amount of money when they are just flashed on the screen so quickly.

    I’m just curious… would love to hear your thoughts.


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    Hi Blaine,

    Pricing uses like this is a bit tricky, but having the right image is still important. We used Fotoquote to get a rough idea and went from there. ESPN had a set rate that was in line with Fotoquote, and we knocked $50 off the price for each since photo they used three.



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