One year and counting!

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Grizzly Sow 

I began this blog one year ago today.  I was excited about doing a blog, but was concerned that after a few weeks I would run out of stuff to post.  Funny, that didn’t turn out to be a problem at all, I usually have 5 or 6 things to post about at any given time.  It has turned out to be much more enjoyable then I ever imagined, and the comments and emails mean a lot to me.  Can you believe I have received almost 30,000 comments already!  Unfortunately, about 29,500 have more to do with Viagra then photography, but at least they care enough to write 🙂  Seriously, this blog wouldn’t be possible without Akismet!

Why the bear photo?  This sow was along the Haines Highway a few weeks ago, and I just happened to be keywording it today when it came time to write today’s post and I thought it was kinda cool.

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  1. That’s awesome Ron! With all that shooting you do I’m sure that you’ll never run out of things to post. I was starting to receive viagra comments awhile back until I enabled the word verification. Does your blog have that option?

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    That is a good question Richard, I’m not sure. I would think at the minimum is would be available through a plug-in. Akismet does a pretty amazing job – only a handful of 30,000 spams have made it past it. But I could be missing legitimate comments.

  3. I’m on blogger so maybe wordpress is different. Last month I was getting about 1,500 spam emails per day until I complained to my hosting company. They installed two spam blockers but then I was getting no emails at all after that. So I had them remove one of them and I’m done to a few hundred spams per day now with none of the legit stuff going missing that I’m aware of. The junk is labeled spam at least though and quite easy to spot.

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    Hi Drew,

    It varies by image, but I would say typically at least 30. If you look at the large version of any photo on the search-able portion of our main website you can see the actual words.


  6. Ron:

    Congrats on the BlogB-Day.

    Maybe you can explain something. I called my wife a Sow, meaning she was top level mammal, an excellent provider, a great mother, and fiercly protective of her children. Now I’m spending the next two weeks on the couch!!! Wass’up with that, do ya’ think?

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  8. Congrats Ron. Fortunately there are some decent tools out there to fight comment spam, otherwise I wouldn’t bother with a blog at all. I thought email spam was bad enough until I started a blog. I had a few sneak through on me with Akismet while I was out of town recently – pretty potent ones too. I have since had to resort to the little code words needed for posting because I can’t monitor it 24/7.

    Anyway, I enjoy my visits here, may you have many more anniversaries!

  9. Great body of work for your first year! I get your emails each day and totally enjoy them. Keep it going!


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  11. Ron & Janine!
    I have thouroughly enjoyed your photo blog! I found it when I did a search on winter in Seward. My husband & I live on the East Coast, this past summer we vacationed in AK- rented an RV. Our trip was wonderful. We will be moving to Seward ( we don’t have a time set as yet)—we just KNOW that Seward is were we want to live and “be”.
    Your photographs are awesome! I can imagine hearing the sounds and smelling the air. It is undescribeable. so pleased that you started this blog.
    Have a blessed day! Denise

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    Hi Denise,

    That is great! We also knew we would be moving here after our first visit – and we were here on a very stormy, rainy day! It is a wonderful town in a beautiful setting.



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