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Balboa Pier, Newport Beach, California.

Balboa Pier, Newport Beach, California.

Thanks to the month or so that we spent in the area, we now have an entirely updated section of Orange County photos on our website!

Since we had extra coverage of two of the communities, Janine also added completly new sections of Newport Beach photos, along with Huntington Beach photos.

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    Thanks Richard! That is one of my favorites as well – didn’t have the nerve to approach her for a model release.

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  5. Beautiful shot! Was this done in camera or HDR?

    What shutter and aperture did you use? Did you meter on the pier?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I’m learning photography and would love to take great sunset photos like this!

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    Thanks Scott,

    Those are good questions – info I should be sharing in the post.

    This wasn’t a HDR, but I did use a graduated neutral density filter:

    In this case I was probably using a 2 stop hard-edge, possibly a 3 stop hard edge filter. I put the filter over the lens, and then use the in camera matrix metering to come up with my exposure. In this case it was f/16 for 10 seconds at ISO 100.

  7. Nice collections, Ron. Brings back fond memories of my late-teens , early twenties, before the call of debt forced me into servitude 🙂

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    Thanks Laurent! Funny, being there brought back the same memories from about the same period of my life!

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